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Bavarian Book Award 2016

Honorary Award

Silvia Bovenschen



Älter werden
geb., 160 pages, € (D) 17,90, ISBN 978-3-10-003512-7
eBook, € (D) 8,49, ISBN 978-3-10-400007-7


Nur Mut
geb., 160 pages, € (D) 16,99, ISBN 978-3-10-003523-3
eBook, € (D) 14,99, ISBN 978-3-10-402711-1

Wie geht es Georg Laub?
geb., 288 pages, € (D) 18,95, ISBN 978-3-10-003516-5
eBook, € (D) 16,99, ISBN 978-3-10-401268-1


All books are published by S. Fischer



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Silvia Bovenschen

Silvia Bovenschen was born in 1946. She is an author, a literary scholar and an essayist and lives in Berlin. Her award-winning books cover topics like the absurdity of age, the transience of all being and death. Her bestselling title “Älter werden” (2006), a collection of essays, reached a wide audience. Her most recent book “Nur Mut”, a “drawing room comedy”, was published in 2013. Here the author stretches the limits of literary genres and forms of language. She was awarded the Ernst-Robert-Curtius-Preis für Essayistik and the Schillerpreis der Stadt Mannheim as well as the Johann-Heinrich-Merck-Preis der Deutschen Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung.