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Bavarian Book Award 2016


Geschichte Deutschlands im 20. Jahrhundert

Ulrich Herbert

About the Book

Germany in the 20th century. This means two world wars, a democracy which failed, the dictatorship of Hitler, the holocaust and a country being devided for 40 years. But it also means welfare state, prosperity, liberalisation and globalisation, a successful democracy and the longest period of peace in European history. In his work Ulrich Herbert presents an extraordinary century.


geb., 1451 pages, B (D) 39,95
ISBN 978-3-406-66051-1
eBook, € 33,99 EUR
ISBN 978-3-406-66137-2

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Ulrich Herbert

Ulrich Herbert is one of the most renowned contemporary historians. He is a professor for contemporary and recent history at the university of Freiburg and was awarded the Leibniz price in 1999.