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Bavarian Book Award 2016

Bavarian Ministry of economy and media, energy and technology

 The Bavarian Book Award is a highlight for Bavaria as a major media location


The celebration of exceptional works of literature is a public appreciation of creative achievement of the authors. For the readers it is at the same time a hallmark of quality and a help to orientation. The awarding of the Bavarian Book Award arouses, beyond the winning works individually, a general interest in literature.


Books are spaces with and for ideas. When they are read, these ideas develop a broader social dimension and contribute so to a cultural diversity.  In this sense the Bavarian Book Award should also be seen as a challenge. Each one of us should feel called to think about the ideas in contemporary literature and take part in the public debate on these topics. In our digital age it is more than ever clear that participation in the process of shaping public opinion has taken on the character of a basic human need. To post messages, to twitter, to “like”, to “share” are the work of a second and one has communicated and taken up a debating position. The public debate of current topics has become the dominating characteristic of present-day life in our society.


Inspired by this Zeitgeist, it has been decided to make the awards ceremony more communicative. The public discussions of the Jury are not only a first-class presentation of the selected works, but also a stimulating and entertaining event for the spectators. 


In my role as the Bavarian media minister, it is a great pleasure for me to promote and sponsor this Award!


Ilse Aigner

The Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and Deputy Minister-President