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Bavarian Book Award 2015


Risiko und Idiotie. Streitschriften

Monika Rinck

About the Book

In her collection of essays entitled »Risiko und Idiotie«, Monika Rinck searches for the more pleasant possibilities of things we do not understand and seem idiotic or silly, exaggerated or impenetrable. A poet, reader and professional idiot has set out to answer the most urgent poetological questions of recent years.


Broschur, 272 Seiten, € (D) 19,90
ISBN 978-3-937445-68-7

©Yves Krier

Monika Rinck

Monika Rinck, was born in 1969 in Zweibrücken. She lives and writes in Berlin. Amongst her most recent publications were »Honigprotokolle« (2012), »I am the Zoo« (2014), »Lieder für die letzte Runde« (2015).