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Bavarian Book Award 2016

The awards ceremony

The annual awards ceremony of the Bavarian Book Award will take place at Allerheilige-Hofkirche of the Münchner Residenz. The prize was awarded for the first time in 2014.

While the award winners are usually chosen beforehand, our guests will be present at the final meeting of the jury of the Bavarian Book Award. During the meeting which is open to the public the members of the jury – Franziska Augstein, Carolin Emcke and Denis Scheck – will have a discussion about the nominated fiction and non-fiction publications. And they will agree upon the final award winners at the end of this meeting.

The “prize of the Bavarian minister-president” will be handed out by Ilse Aigner, the deputy minister-president and Bavarian minister of economy and media, energy and technology.

The prize for the award-winning publications in the categories fiction and non-fiction is 10,000 Euros. The nominated publications will get 2,000 Euros each. The award winners will be announced at the awards ceremony. The nominated authors will be present.

The awards ceremony of the 3. Bavarian Book Award will take place on December 1, 2016.